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Welcome to the Avon-Thames Catholic Family of Parishes in Stratford and St. Marys, Ontario


New to the parish? Our parish registration form may be found here.





Contribute to the Emergency Relief Campaign for Lebanon here.


Planning to attend Mass this weekend (19-20 Sept.)? Sign up here



FINAL UPDATE from the Family of Parishes Transition Committee

Read it, and the committee's other updates, here.


Welcome to the Avon-Thames Catholic Family of Parishes YouTube channel!

In the search bar to your left, you'll see our new YouTube channel--check it out! You'll find the Liturgy and homily for each Sunday there. 


The Sunday liturgy – follow along!

While parishioners are unable to attend Mass in person, we will be featuring the Sunday /Holy Week Liturgy here on our site each week. Simply click here.


From the National Catholic Broadcasting Council: Mass on TV and online

With Masses being cancelled across Canada, Daily TV Mass offers Mass each day on both television and the internet. Click here for a list of daily Mass times for our time zone.